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Savvy TAX and ACCOUNTING Links

Find some useful links to some government agencies' websites. Our clients, individuals and businesses, will surely find practical to browse and consult.

You will find information and forms in many sectors of the Federal and Quebec jurisdictions that surely interest you.



Quebec Government Agencies


Revenue Quebec (About GST, QST, Income Tax, Payroll Deductions, get an online access for your personal and business accounts/clic revenu) We highly encourage you to etablish your own access as soon as possible and to become familiar.


Finance Quebec (About Provincial Budget, Provincial Debt and other Publications)


Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)  see the  Frequently Asked Questions


Service Quebec (About the different services offered by the Government of Quebec for Citizens and businesses)


Safety rules at work (CSST) (About Health and Safety at workplace) 


Labour Standards (About general Standards governing Employment and Work in Quebec)


Federal Government agencies


Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) ( About Taxes, Payroll deductions and others)


My Account for individuals and businesses (Get an Online Access for You and for your Business) We highly encourage you to etablish your own access as soon as possible and to become familiar.


Service Canada ( About the different services offered by the Federal government to Citizens and Businesses)


Finance Canada (About the Federal budget, Federal debt and other Federal Finance matters)


Employment Insurance (How to apply for benefits ? How to complete the form?) 


Old Age Security Pension (Are you eligible? When and How to apply? How much you Get?)