Presided and managed by Johnny Ward, CPA auditor limited to review engagements, CGA, member of the Chartered Professional Accountants association, Wardcom accounting inc, since 1998, offers quality services in accounting, taxation, finance and management for citizens, self employed people, small and medium size Canadian companies. 

Through continuous education programs, Wardcom accounting inc. is professionally on the top of changes in fiscal and accounting regulations. What a huge benefit for YOU as our privileged client.

Our clients, Corporations and Self employed, operate in various economic sectors including:
Health, Travel, human resources, Commercial and residential real estate, Franchised restaurants, bakery and pastry, marketing and Consulting, Small industry, Automobile, Medias, Transportation, import/export.

We have established a close and durable relationship with our clients by making of AVAILABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM our main objective and challenge.

We are proud to see our dear clients recommending our services to their friends, colleagues, family members and neighbors.

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Our Services


  • Financial statements (review engagement, notice to reader)
  • Complete bookkeeping (payroll, GST-QST)



  • Internal auditing and control
  • Budgeting



  • Consulting
  • Income tax returns for companies, self employed people and for individuals
  • Update and settle overdue files with the Revenue Agencies + Objections



  • Financial Analysis
  • Business plans


Wardcom Accounting inc. still succeeds in building an excellent reputation and gaining the confidence of fellow citizens and small and medium Canadian businesses as well.

Our goal is not only preparing financial and fiscal statements, but we look forward to assisting our customers in managerial tasks they appreciate a lot.

Our challenge is to remain always available for our clients.

    Johnny Ward

    Johnny Ward

    CPA auditor limited to review engagements, CGA

    Johnny Ward
    http://www.wardcom.ca/uploads/images/2051216554JohnnyWard.jpg CPA, auditor, CGA

    Founder and Manager, Member of the Chartered Professional Accountants Association in Quebec.

    Johnny Ward, CPA auditor limited to review engagements, CGA, worked in Banking and Accounting. He also was a University and adult education teacher in Accounting and Finance. Founder of "Wardcom Accounting inc." since 1998, he puts his long experience at his clients' service.

  • Mo Salem
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    Reliable & accurate Financial Accounting is what I was looking for. Thanks Wardcom

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    Mo Salem
  • Pierre lizee
    double quotation

    I’d like to say that if you want to get your taxes done right, quickly and efficiently (hence saving you money) you should go with wardcom. This team knows what they are doing. Tax laws is not a joke wardcom has the right experiences than anyone. They will get you the max refund you deserve as hard working tax payers we all are! Thanks Johnny

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    Pierre lizee
  • Lisa Massicotte
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    Johnny Ward était très serviable, professionnel et compétent. Il a fait de grands efforts pour fournir des informations supplémentaires pour ses clients." - Lisa Massicotte

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    Lisa Massicotte
  • Rachid Hamidane et Kathleen Buchanan
    double quotation

    '' Nous recevons les services de Johnny Ward depuis l'année 2001 et nous n'avons vu que professionnalisme, compétence et disponibilité. Merci Johnny pour tes conseils précieux et continus! ''

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    Rachid Hamidane et Kathleen Buchanan
  • Lamine Foura / Médias Maghreb
    double quotation

    Avoir un comptable professionnel et efficace devient très important. J’ai trouvé dans Wardcom comptabilité, le comptable professionnel, compètent, disponible et engagé, qui m’a permis de prendre les bonnes décisions pour rentabiliser au maximum ma fiscalité. Je vous conseille fortement Wardcom Comptabilité au niveau des impôts personnels ou professionnels Lamine Foura / Médias Maghreb

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    Lamine Foura / Médias Maghreb
  • Eugenio De Azevedo, DR SC, CIV.ENG
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    I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Johnny Ward, CPA and CGA to you. If you are looking for an efficient qualified office able to prepare your reports annually, consolidating your financial statements, planning and guiding you to secure decision making, If you are a person looking for a trained accountant to advise you on tax laws , preparing your bookkeeping , analyzing and auditing your accounts, do not hesitate in consulting WARDCOM ACCOUNTING inc.” E. de Azevedo, DR SC, Civ. Eng. PE, ACIOB, ACMI

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    Eugenio De Azevedo, DR SC, CIV.ENG
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Our Office

Our office is located in the heart of the island of Monteral close, to both the 40 and the 15 highway.

Business Hours :

Monday to friday, 10 am to 5 pm

Business Hours :
1525 Rue Mazurette #208
H4N 1G8
+1 514-272-8058
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1525 Rue Mazurette #208, Montréal, Québec H4N 1G8, Canada

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